September 2011 Search Engine Market Share from comScore, Hitwise


Google’s U.S. search engine market share climbed back up above 65 percent in September, while Yahoo’s share declined after two months of growth, according to comScore. While comScore shows Google market share just above 65 percent, Hitwise shows them hovering above 66 percent with Bing, Yahoo, and Bing-powered search all down.


The search engine rankings for September 2011, according to comScore were:

  • Google rose to 65.3 percent (up from 64.8 percent in August).
  • Yahoo dropped to 15.5 percent (down from 16.3 percent).
  • Bing remained at 14.7 percent.
  • Ask remained at 3 percent.
  • AOL is back up to 1.5 percent (up from 1.3 percent).

More than 17.1 billion explicit core searches were conducted in September. Google lead the way with 11.2 billion; Yahoo ended up with 2.6 billion, followed close by Bing with 2.5 billion. Ask Network with 507 million searches, followed by AOL with 265 million.


All the major search engines dropped except for Google, which increased 2 percent over last month, according to Hitwise.

The search engine rankings for September 2011, according to Hitwise, were:

  • Google at 66.12 percent (up from 65.09 percent in August).
  • Yahoo fell from 15.89 percent in August to 15.27 percent in September.
  • Bing fell back down to 12.80 percent (down from 13.10 percent in August).
Up 3 percent were search queries of eight or more words while longer search queries averaging five to eight words or more are all about the same. One-word searches were the majority of searches, accounting for 26.45 percent of all search volume.
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