Yahoo! Search Trends: Macworld 2012

The “iPhone” was the top searched term in 2011 — will this year’s Macworld reveal yet another spell-binding tech game changer that propels Apple to the top of searches in 2012?

As you consider stories focused on the news that comes out of this year’s Macworld, we wanted to share a few tidbits about what people are searching for online related to this year’s show.  So, what is captivating the attention of Apple addicts and pushing them toward Yahoo! for more information?

Macworld/iWorld 2012: Let’s face it, with people gearing up for the latest Mac news, Yahoo! searches for all things “i” continue to dominate, with 64% of searches this month for “Macworld” coming from men. And, beyond Macworld, people are turning to Yahoo! for info on everything from Apple products to details on legendary founder Steve Jobs.


According to Yahoo!, the top states searching for “Macworld” this month include:

1.     California

2.     Florida

3.     Texas

4.     Illinois

5.     Massachusetts


According to Yahoo!, the top countries searching for “iWorld” this month include:

1.     United States

2.     Hong Kong

3.     United Kingdom

4.     Canada

5.     Taiwan


All Things Apple: When it comes to Apple’s latest and greatest, fans are usually only kept satisfied for a few short hours before they begin scouring the Internet for information on the next version. Product searches for Apple this month on Yahoo! include:

·       App Love:

o   Angry Birds Season 2012 – Searches are spiking 330% this month on Yahoo!.

o   Searches on Yahoo! for “best iPad apps” are up 414% this month.

o   ”Free iPad games” searches this month on Yahoo! are up 2,426%.

o   Additional apps that are popular in search this month on Yahoo! include: “fitness apps,” “Instagram,” “free apps,” and “ apps.


·       iPhone:

o   Searches for “free iPhone” this month on Yahoo! are up 4,649%.

o   “iPhone 4S sale” searches on Yahoo! this month are up 844%.


·       iPad:

o   Yahoo! searches for ”cheap iPad 2″ are up 3,810% this month.

o   Searches for “iPad tutorial” are up 1,036% this month on Yahoo!.

o   Of the searches for “iPad 2” this month on Yahoo!, 15% are coming from people 24 and under.


·       Jailbreak: Yahoo! searches this month for “how to jailbreak iPod touch” are up 866% and searches for ”jailbreak iPhone 4″ are up 1,085%.


·       Other:

o   Yahoo! Searches for ”What is iCloud” this month are up 927% and searches for ”How to use iCloud” are up 276%.

o   ”FaceTime for Mac” searches this month on Yahoo! are up 547%.

o   Searches for ”iBook” this month on Yahoo! are up 505%.


According to Yahoo!, the top searched Apple products this month include:

1.     iPad 3 — Of the searches for “iPad 3″ this month on Yahoo!, 61% are coming from men.

2.     iPhone 5 — 62% of the searches for “iPhone 5″ are coming from people 34 and under.

3.     iPad 2 — Of the searches for “iPad 2″ this month on Yahoo!, 53% are coming from men.

4.     iCloud — Of the searches for “iCloud” this month on Yahoo!, 29% are coming from people ages 25-34.

5.     iPhone 4S — Top states searching for “iPhone 4S” this month on Yahoo!: California, Texas, New York, Massachusetts, and Florida.

Steve Jobs: It has been almost four months since the world lost tech visionary Steve Jobs, and all eyes are on Apple to see how the company will push forward without the creative genius that brought the company back from the brink of failure with the creation of the iPod. As a result, people are still turning to Yahoo! for information on the beloved innovator who changed so many lives. Searches on Yahoo! this month for “Steve Jobs Apple” are up 4,527%.  Additional Steve Jobs searches that are piquing people’s interest in search this week include: “Steve Jobs Grammy,” “Steve Jobs doctor,” “Steve Jobs last words,” “Bill Gates and Steve Jobs,” “Steve Jobs first inventions,” “the Steve Jobs betrayal,” “Steve Jobs book,” “How Steve Jobs revolutionized technology.”

Regardless of what is revealed and debated at this year’s Macworld event, one thing is for sure, Mac fans will be sure to keep on chattering long after the doors close at the show!



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